Bound Junior Mentorship Program

Has your child shown an interest and a flair for writing? Would you like to encourage and develop this raw talent within your child?

At Bound, we recognise the talent that young individuals possess and the need for this to be nurtured. We offer customised programs that are designed keeping the need of young creatives at the centre. You can choose from our classes, careers section and our mentorship programs.

Every program culminates in a certificate and life-long relationships with the Bound Community. We strive to provide a platform to young individuals and some mentorships lead to internship opportunities, publication in our magazine and more.

Our Offerings


One-on-one writing mentorship with Bound's experienced writers and editors.


Live Online Classes that feature small class sizes and out of the box curated sessions.


Career guidance and counselling for young creatives and paid internship opportunities.


The Bound Junior Writing Mentorship Programme gives young writers a solid foundation and exposure to the tools and techniques needed to explore a career in the creative arts. Our mentors facilitate an environment of learning for enquiring minds. This unique programme provides writing and skill-building exercises that are personalized according to the needs of your child. Through one-on-one mentorship not only will your child find role models with years of experience but will also find an objective person to answer any queries they might have.

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What It Includes:

  • Provides an introduction to the various forms of creative writing
  1. Help you select an idea and give your writing project a focus and direction
  2. Handhold you in developing your idea into a coherent story
  3. Provide techniques to develop your writing
  4. Provides you with career guidance and mentorship
  • Guidance on how to publish your work and share it with the world
  1. Personalized book recommendations and writing exercises created by Bound editors.
  2. Editing, rewriting, publishing, and submission advice
  3. 4 one-hour skype calls with customised weekly targets/assignments and feedback on your work.
  4. Create a writing schedule with your mentor who will follow-up and ensure that you stick to it.

What is the Bound Junior Experience?

The one-on-one mentorship builds a lifelong mentor-mentee relationship. The programme helps our writers build discipline, and discover their voice. They will also receive a detailed five-page assessment of their progress over the course of the program, which includes notes about their writing strengths and weaknesses.

Call us today to find the best fit for your child: 7738935260

Mentorship Packages


1 Month

Our one month program is ideal for short term guidance and to set goals and fix a routine for your writing.

- 4 calls with Mentor
- A 5-page progress report

Rs. 15,000 

3 Months

Over 3 months your mentor works with you on building your writing style and finding your voice.

-Weekly calls with your mentor
-Career guidance

Rs. 40,000

6 Months

The 6 months programme is ideal for a writing project that requires significant work and guidance.

-Editing and publishing guidance
-Weekly calls, developmental edits

Rs. 70,000

Meet The Mentors

Michelle D'costa

Michelle’s has been published in over 50 literary journals like Eclectica & Litro UK. She loves to interview writers. She edits Kaani, a fiction ezine.

Mohit Parikh

Mohit Parikh

Mohit is the author of Manan, a bestselling young adult novel. He is passionate about working with young individuals. He can't drive a car


Aishwarya Javalgekar

A writer, poet and researcher, Aishwarya has a Masters in English (Public Texts) and a Certificate in Book Publishing. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of ang(st).

Online Classes

Critical Thinking And Writing Class For Children

Our Live Online format of classes allows us to bring you experiential learning with experts in various fields. Our small class sizes ensure that each student receives personal attention and feedback. We have conducted several batches of children’s classes that include Comic Book Creation with graphic novelist, Abhijeet Kini and Creative Writing Workshops with author Mohit Parikh. Check out all our online classes here.

Explore Our Online Classes


As part of the Bound Jr programmes we aim to offer holistic development for budding creatives, our mentors are there to offer career advice and guidance and to answer any questions your child might have. The mentors urge their mentees to ask questions and to explore unique career paths while providing tangible advice on how to achieve their dreams.

Some of the fields that we expose our young creatives to include: Radio Jockeying, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Content Writing and more based on their interest and aptitude we urge them to explore their selected field.

We at Bound are here to help young creatives navigate the various career opportunities available and to help them identify the right career based on their interest, potential and strengths. We equip them with essential skills to provide them with an advantage in a competitive world.

Bound Junior Community And Internships

Being part of the Bound Jr. community will also give your child access to future sessions like author meetups and career counselling sessions. We also offer one-month internships with a stipend to young individuals in our community who wish to gain experience in the field of publishing and writing.

Have a doubt?

For enquiries about Bound Junior Mentorship Programmes, please drop your details in the attached form or email us at [email protected].

For queries, you can also WhatsApp us: 7738935260

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