The Art Of Introspective Writing With Aastha D

The Art Of Introspective WritingWith Aastha D.

A Writing Course That Teaches Mindfulness And Creativity.

The Art Of Introspective Writing

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Pause. Reflect. Write.

As we dive into a new year, let's pause and think about how 2020 has affected our lives. Check in with yourself and find a fresh perspective to writing and life with 'The Art Of Introspective Writing' course.

In 3 weeks, our instructor Aastha D. will help you get in touch with your emotions and express yourself in unique and creative ways. Develop your writing skills and learn new habits that will help you develop a stress-free routine. With journaling exercises and a bonus one-on-one session, this course will be a safe and nurturing space to express your anxieties and emotions and lead an introspective and mindful life.

Embark on a journey to rediscover yourself and find your writing voice!

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DURATION: 3 weeks (13 hours)

DATES: 16th/17th/23rd/24th & 30th/31st January 2021 (Saturdays & Sundays)
4:00 to 6:00 PM

AGE LIMIT: 18 and above


  • Develop healthy habits and lead a balanced life.
  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Join a thriving community of writers.


Get In Touch With Yourself

Revisit the parts of yourself that you have been neglecting. 


Find Your Voice

Find a safe space to express your anxieties, fears and desires. Begin 2021 with a clear mind.


Become An Expressive Writer

Express your emotions and hone your writing skills with our literary exercises and techniques.


Practice Mindfulness

Learn how to inculcate mindful practices in your daily routine and live a well-balanced life.

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    Week 1

    • 16th January, Saturday
      A Suspension of Thoughts

    Take a pause from the rat race with 'Freewriting': a writing exercise that helps you slow down and follow your thought patterns.

    • 17th January, Sunday
      Habits, Rituals, and Words

    How can we create small habits and rituals bring more peace and balance into our lives? Aastha D. will provide a framework of questions and prompts to help you shed your stressful habits and adopt healthier ones.

    Week 2

    • 23rd January, Saturday
      Writing Non-fiction

    Get an introduction to writing non-fiction from Tara Khandelwal, Founder of Bound. She will take you through the steps coming up with good ideas and converting them into well-written pieces.

    • 24th January, Saturday
      Doing Nothing

    What does ‘doing nothing’ feel like? Learn how to take a break and give yourselves permission to not be productive.

    Week 3

    • 30th January, Saturday

    3-4 PM: Special Guest Lecture With Apurupa Vatsalya, Co-founder of Bibliotherapy

    4-6 PM: Asking Questions

    We ask questions all the time... to others and to ourselves. In this session we will explore the power of answered and unanswered questions, and how to get closure.

    • 31.01.2020 Sunday

    Honesty, empathy, the ability to love and care—for others or yourself—requires strength. Learn how to face challenges while remaining kind towards others and yourselves.

    Meet The Instructor: Aastha D.

    Aastha D. is a writer, critic and curator with a background in Architectural Design, and History, Theory, Criticism. She has a masters from Columbia University—Critical, Curatorial, Conceptual Practices—with a background in Rhetoric. In the recent past, she has held editorial positions at publications in New York and Mumbai, edited books, curated exhibitions and events and founded Prose with Aastha—a creative writing space that houses literary voices from around the world. She currently works between institutes in New York and Mumbai as an independent scholar and writer. Aastha contributes to journals of design and culture; teaches writing and critical thinking; conducts research; and curates publications; all while struggling to write her first book.


    • 13 hours to practice mindfulness and creative writing.
    • A safe and nurturing space to express your emotions.
    • Prompts and discussions to improve your writing technique.
    • Bonus one-on-one session with Aastha D.
    • Habits and rituals that will help you lead a well-balanced life.
    • A non-fiction writing workshop with Tara Khandelwal, Founder of Bound.
    • A special guest session with Apurupa Vatsalya, Co-founder of Bibliotherapy.

    All Inclusive

    INR 7,000

    Limited seats available!


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    Q. Is there an application process to join this course?

    A. No, there is no application process. Anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves or be a writer can benefit from this course.

    Q. Do I have to make full payment before the course begins?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Will I get a certificate?

    A. Yes, you will receive an official certificate from Bound.

    Q. If I have to miss one session, what do I do?

    A. Please contact [email protected] as soon as you are sure that you will miss a session. We will try our best to address your absence. The class payment is non-refundable. You can, however, use the amount towards another class or service.

    Q. What if I have more questions?

    A. Fill up our query form and a member from our team will get in touch with you.


    Bound Testimonial

    • “I've taken two of Bound's writing classes so far and both have been immensely helpful. The kind of feedback you get is very insightful and also gives you a writing community. One definitely comes out of this class a much-improved writer and feeling inspired and driven to continue the writing from where we last left class.”
      Priya Pillai
      Freelance Content Writer, Sisters Living Works, NGO
    • Bound India’s How to Read Like a Writer facilitated by Tara Khandelwal helped me analyse the works of different authors thoroughly and offered a new perspective on the various aspects of storytelling. I think this workshop is very important for aspiring writers because it helps you hone your skills and experiment with different styles.  ”
      Beatrice Roy
    • I've thoroughly enjoyed the sessions hosted by Michelle and Tara. Their knowledge and sheer love for books and literature make the classes interesting and interactive. I've had the opportunity to get such different and intriguing perspectives on varying topics from them and aspiring writers. It's been an enriching experience in a short span of time.  The topics for sessions/workshops are intelligently chosen, providing ample opportunities to participants to share ideas, theories and the like. Analysis, reasoning, styling, and editing are some of the active discussions that occur with like-minded folks.  Thus far, I've attended sessions on How to Edit Your Book (Tara), How to Read Like A Writer (Tara), and a 2-Week Advanced Fiction Class (Michelle). Looking forward to many more and a long-lasting relationship with Bound. Happy to have found you.      ”
      Tushar Chatterji
      Associate Director Of Operations, Cactus Communications
    • I really enjoyed the class, especially listening to everyone share their poems (they were really nice). Looking forward to more classes.  ”
      Tamanna Shroff

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