heatre 101 A Writing and performance workshop


A three-hour introduction to theatre with an emphasis on scripts and writing for performance.

With Nayantara Nayar, Playwright of ‘The Lottery’ (Long-listed for the Hindu Playwriting Award 2018)


"With theatre, you have to be ready for anything."
- Willem Defoe

Do you want to know more about theatre but don't know where to begin?

The world of theatre is a fascinating place with scripts, performances, actors, costumes and sets. Take the first step towards becoming a theatre expert with our three-hour introductory workshop. Our instructor Nayantara Nayar will introduce you to the history of theatre and the components that go into writing a play. Learn how to read, analyze and write plays through a mixture of lectures, games and in-class writing exercises.

Create your own definition and build a life-long relationship with theatre!

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Sunday, 24th January 2021


03:00 PM to 06:00 PM


16 & Above

  • Read and analyze plays.
  • Learn how to write your own play.
  • Build your theatre community.
  • Bonus: A Rs. 250 BookMyShow Gift Voucher.



History And Meaning

Understand how theatre evolved and why it remains relevant today. Create your own definition of what theatre means to you.


Games And Writing Exercises

Participate in fun games and exercises to understand the nuances of theatre and how to turn an idea into a good play.


Read And Analyze Plays

How can we break a play down and understand it better? Read excerpts from play scripts and learn how to analyze the structure, story arcs and characters.


Build Your Theatre Community

Dive into the world of theatre and performance with our recommended reading and watching list. Become a theatre savant!


Theatre: An Introduction

How did theatre emerge and why do we do it? A introduction to the origins of theatre with case-studies from Sanskrit, classical Greek, and ancient Egyptian theatre. Engage in an active discussion of what makes theatre relevant to this day.

Building Blocks

How are we going to define theatre for the remainder of this session? Learn the components of theatre and create your own definition.

Play Reading: ‘Taramandal’

Analyse: Desire/Goal and Conflict/Obstacles

Build mini-scenes through a game to better understand how conflict is at the centre of all good drama.

Play Reading: ‘Until the Floods’

Analyse: Character and characterization

Learn how to create mood boards and write backstories to build well-developed characters. 

Theatre 101 A Writing And Performance Workshop

Meet The Instructor: Nayantara Nayar

Nayantara Nayar is a writer, researcher, and storyteller based out of Chennai. She has a background in theatre and education, documentary film, and sociology. Her practice looks at how to use playwriting and storytelling to explore larger historical time periods and socio-political issues from deeply personal perspectives. Her most recent work as a playwright is ‘The Body’ commissioned by Rage Theatre Mumbai and EnActe Theatre California. Her previous play, ‘The Lottery’, was long-listed for the Hindu Playwriting Award 2018. It was further selected to be workshopped at UnBlock 2019, conducted by Rage Theatre, Mumbai, and Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. She’s currently working on a visual art+storytelling performance called ‘Limits of Change’ commissioned by the Inko Centre Chennai. Her hobbies include reading, watching too many videos of PBS Eons, and destroying her family at Scrabble.

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Bound Testimonial

  • “I've taken two of Bound's writing classes so far and both have been immensely helpful. The kind of feedback you get is very insightful and also gives you a writing community. One definitely comes out of this class a much-improved writer and feeling inspired and driven to continue the writing from where we last left class.”
    Priya Pillai
    Freelance Content Writer, Sisters Living Works, NGO
  • Bound India’s How to Read Like a Writer facilitated by Tara Khandelwal helped me analyse the works of different authors thoroughly and offered a new perspective on the various aspects of storytelling. I think this workshop is very important for aspiring writers because it helps you hone your skills and experiment with different styles.  ”
    Beatrice Roy
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed the sessions hosted by Michelle and Tara. Their knowledge and sheer love for books and literature make the classes interesting and interactive. I've had the opportunity to get such different and intriguing perspectives on varying topics from them and aspiring writers. It's been an enriching experience in a short span of time.  The topics for sessions/workshops are intelligently chosen, providing ample opportunities to participants to share ideas, theories and the like. Analysis, reasoning, styling, and editing are some of the active discussions that occur with like-minded folks.  Thus far, I've attended sessions on How to Edit Your Book (Tara), How to Read Like A Writer (Tara), and a 2-Week Advanced Fiction Class (Michelle). Looking forward to many more and a long-lasting relationship with Bound. Happy to have found you.      ”
    Tushar Chatterji
    Associate Director Of Operations, Cactus Communications
  • I really enjoyed the class, especially listening to everyone share their poems (they were really nice). Looking forward to more classes.  ”
    Tamanna Shroff
  • Over the past two weeks, Michelle, our instructor, has been very polite and helpful. She made us understand things that we unconsciously know, but often don’t use. I’m an active writer. I participated in this class to improve my writing skills and it was very beneficial. Michelle made us analyse literary texts ourselves so that we write better and achieve the writing goals we've been dreaming about. In each two hour session, participants engaged each other with such intriguing conversations that time really flew by. This class has taught me the importance of living in a community, teamwork, good listening skills and of course, better writing techniques. I recommend this to all writers who want to improve their craft.  ”
    Ashaani Taneja
  • Michelle D'costa's class was like a visit to a friend's house for some green tea. It comforted me and boosted my spirit. The ideas that came from that class jumpstarted my first literary short story in many years.  ”
    Suhit Kelkar
    Poet, Journalist, Author of ‘The Centaur Chronicles’

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